CharityComms is the membership network for communications professionals working in UK charities. Every so often I write a blog for their Knowledge Hub on wordy type topics. Here’s a selection.

Keeping up to date with inclusive language

As people who work with words for a living, charity communicators tend to be aware of the power they have. We know they trigger emotions, associations and judgements. We use them all the time to inspire people to take action. But we also know, or should do, that words can act as a barrier, preventing people from seeking our support, for example. They have a leading role to play in fuelling prejudice too….

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How to write a clear, well-defined job advert

Are you finding it tough to recruit the right person for your comms team? You’re not alone. In 2021, almost a third of charities said it was harder than normal to recruit staff. Brexit, the fallout from the pandemic, and the cost-of-living crisis are among the reasons why. So, what can you do to attract the talent you need? A good place to start is your job advert. Here are six ways to make sure your vacancy stands out.

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Keeping wellbeing in mind as the world of work continues to change

With the stress and uncertainty of the past two years, staff wellbeing has quite rightly pushed its way up the agenda. But now that remote or hybrid working is becoming the norm, how can we make sure we’re supporting our teams and keeping up morale?

Here a charity, a corporate foundation, and a supplier share the innovative ways they’ve been looking after their staff.

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How to find people to tell your charity’s stories

Unless you’ve been on a serious digital detox for the past few years, you’ll have probably heard a fair amount about storytelling in the world of charity communications. You’ll know that personal stories are one of the most effective ways to convey why your charity exists and the impact it has on people’s lives. But before you can tap into the power of stories, you’ll need to find people willing to share theirs with you. Here are some ideas for where to find them – both inside and outside your charity.

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Ten top tips for writing successful funding bids

It’s been one hell of a year for charities. For so many, a fall in income hit rising
demand head on. When you’re caught in that perfect storm, making sure funding bids are successful is more important – and pressured – than ever. Every application needs to grab attention, show you’re a perfect fit for the funder’s criteria, and passionately prove your impact. For those of you facing this challenge, here are some tips on how to write a winning funding application.

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Planning for a new job: what to do when it’s time to move on

Whether you’ve been made redundant, decided to change roles, or are moving on to develop your career, here are some tips to help make your next step your best move yet.

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Making words work for you when you’re applying for a job

One way to give your job application a competitive edge is to perfect the language you use. That doesn’t just mean faultless grammar or error-free answers. It’s about using words that amplify your skills and show you’re the perfect fit for the role. Here are seven tips on how to do it.

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Making space and time for creative thinking

While most of us would agree you can’t learn creativity from a book, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure your most inventive ideas see the light of day. I asked some of the charity sector’s creative minds for their tops tips.

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What charity communicators can learn from filmmakers: storytelling tips from behind the camera

A great film will engage, move, and stay with you. And that’s exactly what you need your charity’s stories to do. Here are five things charity communicators can learn from filmmakers when it comes to effective storytelling.

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Live tweeting at events: seven tips for avoiding the pitfalls

It’s a marketing must at events and conferences. But live tweeting can feel a bit stressful, especially when you’re new to it. Here are some tips to help you gather the best in tweetable takeaways, share them successfully, and avoid any clangers.

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Five ways to boost your communication with volunteers

Whether they’re raising money or running services, volunteers are the lifeblood of charities across the world. A vital part of keeping volunteers feeling passionate and dedicated is communicating with them regularly and respectfully. This blog offers five tips and quick wins to improve your volunteer comms.

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“Comms people are the first up and last to go to bed”

What’s it like managing comms for a global event that brings together over 500 people from 52 countries – and doing it solo? I spoke to Mariana Mercado about the highs, the goals and tackling challenges of heading a team of volunteers at the Homeless World Cup, an annual international football tournament for people who are or have been homeless.

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Tips for giving feedback to creatives

Giving good feedback can save you time, stress and late nights fixing mistakes that needn’t have happened. Fewer rounds of changes will keep your costs down too. But how do you make sure your feedback is well received and inspires the results you’re looking for? Here are four things you should be when you give feedback.

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Plain English: what does it really mean for your comms?

Commercial brands have been doing it for years. Even lawyers are committing to it these days. But what are the key things charity communicators need to remember when writing in plain English?

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Five tips for briefing your copywriter

It’s a copywriter’s responsibility to make sure they fully understand the intricacies of your project and the subtleties of your tone of voice. Giving them a brief that clearly explains what you need, and why you need it, will help you get what you want. Here are five things to think about when putting a brief together.

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I also attend events and write follow-up articles, like this one on partnership working:

What charity communicators should know about working in partnership

Are you working with a celebrity to raise your profile? Boosting your fundraising by getting a big corporate on board? Maybe you’re joining forces with other charities to campaign for policy change?

Whatever kind of partnership you’re involved in, the CharityComms seminar on partnerships had an inspiring case study or practical tip to help. Here are four key points the speakers agreed were vital to making your collaborative communications a success.

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