Creative ideas for charity communicators

“Why Don’t You Just Switch Off Your Television Set And Go Out And Do Something Less Boring Instead?” Many of us of a certain age will remember being given this advice, from the children’s TV show ‘Why Don’t You?’ Replace “television set” with “computer/mobile/iPad” and you’ve got a sound suggestion for today’s workplace. If you’re writing or producing publications for […]

How to communicate with confidence: Top tips from Guardian journalists

‘How to present a strong argument with confidence’. That’s what the advert said I’d learn at this Guardian newspaper masterclass, from some of their leading journalists. What I also discovered from listening to these self-assured writers was that they have a lot to teach charity communicators about getting your charity’s messages across. Here are a few tips I picked up […]

How charity writers can beat the block

A good writer might have a selection of the following things on their desk: a dictionary, some newspapers and magazines, a reporter’s notepad. Plus, some scrunched up bits of paper, a row of dirty coffee mugs, pages of intricate doodles… Sometimes you just get stuck. You might know what you want to say, but find it just won’t transfer from […]

Six ways to write for your charity from a new perspective

Bored of the sound of your (charity’s) own voice? It might be time to use some different ones… Wait. Yes, I am a copywriter. Of course I’m not suggesting you forget about brand language or ditch your tone of voice guidelines. But seeking alternative viewpoints and adding fresh voices will reinvigorate your communications. Here are six things to try. 1) […]