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Blogging for CharityComms

CharityComms is the membership network for communications professionals working in UK charities. Every so often I write a blog for their Knowledge Hub on wordy type topics. Here’s a selection. What charity communicators can learn from filmmakers: storytelling tips from behind the camera A great film will engage, move, and stay with you. And that’s exactly what you need your charity’s stories […]

How to communicate with confidence: Top tips from Guardian journalists

‘How to present a strong argument with confidence’. That’s what the advert said I’d learn at this Guardian newspaper masterclass, from some of their leading journalists. What I also discovered from listening to these self-assured writers was that they have a lot to teach charity communicators about getting your charity’s messages across. Here are a few tips I picked up […]

How charity writers can beat the block

A good writer might have a selection of the following things on their desk: a dictionary, some newspapers and magazines, a reporter’s notepad. Plus, some scrunched up bits of paper, a row of dirty coffee mugs, pages of intricate doodles… Sometimes you just get stuck. You might know what you want to say, but find it just won’t transfer from […]

Six ways to write for your charity from a new perspective

Bored of the sound of your (charity’s) own voice? It might be time to use some different ones… Wait. Yes, I am a copywriter. Of course I’m not suggesting you forget about brand language or ditch your tone of voice guidelines. But seeking alternative viewpoints and adding fresh voices will reinvigorate your communications. Here are six things to try. 1) […]

Why Virginia Woolf was wrong about words

Virginia Woolf once said that “when words are pinned down they fold their wings and die”. While reluctant to argue with one of the greatest writers of all time, I believe there are occasions when you need to do exactly that: pin words down. Clip their wings. Keep them under control. If you’re establishing a new brand or refreshing your […]

Charity communications lessons from ‘Question Time’

“If you remember one thing, make it this,” said left-wing political commentator Owen Jones to conservative MP Iain Duncan Smith on ‘Question Time’ last Thursday. “Brian McArdle, 57-years-old, paralysed down one side, blind in one eye, he couldn’t speak. Brian died one day after being found fit for work.” That’s how Jones tackled a question on benefits. When debating the […]